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i believe in the clearing stages and you should be okay coming awful the beltway or planning to and heading into downtown that way. no problems on the toll road or 66 inside or outside the beltway. in fact let's take a live look and show you what it looks like if you're coming in on the northbound side of 395. to the 14th street bridge. no delays yet from duke street all the way up the line to the bridge span. back to the maps and this time we'll head over to the southern side of maryland. route 4, route 5, route 301 everything is good. 210 out of hack cook, tall way up here -- accokeek, across the bridge span into alexandria also accident-free. this time at the american legion bridge. back with more traffic. back to you guys. thank you monika. today president obama will make his first postelection comments about the economy. this is video of the campaign release of the president wiping away tears as he thanked young members of his campaign staff in chicago. >> today he's going to talk about the tough situation ahead. automatic tax hikes and severe budget cuts that will go into effect in january it's called
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the fiscal cliff. the congressional budget office said yesterday if all the taxes and spending cuts take place, tax hikes in spending cuts, it will push the country's unemployment rate above 9% within a year. >> now virginia is planning its own cuts as a result. ko im is live from capitol hill with more. good morning ko. >> reporter: good morning andrea and mike, the next six weeks are crucial. the ticking time bomb as you said set for january 1st. the talks around taxes in d.c.. half a million federal workers, contractors and subcontractors could lose their jobs and d.c. could get hit big as well for metro losing $30 million. possibly. virginia also bracing for the those cuts across the board. the commonwealth has seen a sluggish economy and officials are worried that if a deal doesn't happen, that we'll plunge the nation and virginia back into a recession. with federal cuts of 9% possibly on the horizon, republican governor bob mcdonnell is not taking any
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chances. he's telling agencies to prepare now for 4% budget cuts. >> everybody's going to feel them. potentially we might see 65,000 jobs locally, federal jobs locally, that are cut. >> reporter: so the effects could be unprecedented. some say the nation will be watching whether the president will work across the aisle. the impact could be felt next year in virginia, funds from the transportation and education fund could be the first to fall. so a big priority starting the second term for mr. obama. the president is set to speak at 1:00 from the east room of the white house to talk about quote the action we need to take to keep our economy growing and reduce our deficit. fiscal cliff is a word that we'll hear a lot in the next few days and weeks to come. back to you. >> all right, ko im reporting live from capitol hill. thank you ko. a united airlines flight from denver landed safely in washington, d.c. last night. there are reports that crew had
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declared an emergency because a passenger began praying in an aisle. a united spokeswoman says the passenger was not following the flight attendant instructions for landing. the plane was escorted by military jets after the crew declared an emergency. hundreds of thousands of people in new york and new jersey are dealing with more power outages. canceled flights and snowy comb as a new storm on the heels of superstorm sandy tested the region's patience. tens of billions of dollars in damage is inflicted on the region and hundreds of thousands of customers are still waiting for the electricity to come back on again. some are demanding investigations of utilities they say aren't working fast enough including new york's governor andrew cuomo. he joined the calls for an investigation jed ripping the -- yesterday ripping the utilities as unprepared and badly managed. 11 people most of them young women kidnapped, robbed and raped. this morning, the accused are behind bars. baltimore county and city
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police say william justin campbell and kenyon travis walter are charged with first degree rape and assault, kidnapping, armed robbery, and more offenses. six of their victims were reportedly students at nearby colleges, the youngest 17 years old according to police. jury selection started thursday at the murder trial of the bowie state university student. simpson is accused of killing frazier in september 2011. prosecutors say simpson killed frazier over music being played on an ipod. simpson claims she was acting in self-defense. and it's life in prison for jared loughner, he was sentenced yesterday in the shooting outside a safeway in tucson, arizona last year. loughner killed six people and wounded several others including former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. some victims addressed the court yesterday including giffords' husband former astronaut mark kelly. he says loughner did not put a
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dent in her spirit. it is 6:05. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> a rough couple of days on wall street. the dow 400 plus downside over two days. what about this morning? >> well, we're seeing more red arrows this morning. we're seeing overseas markets in asia and europe looking lower after the two day selloff brought the dow jones industrial average to its lowest point since july. the dow has dropped 434 points since election day alone. and it was down before that. investors are worried about the political parties' ability to work together and they're also still concerned about europe's debt crisis. the newly re-elected president and congress face a january 1st deadline to avoid a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that all sides agree would undermine the military and other basic government functions. it could also plunge the economy back into a recession. hitting our region particularly hard. mayor michael bloomberg has ordered new york city to begin rationing gasoline starting today. this is the first time this has
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happened since the 1970s. of course the response to the ongoing gas crisis that has closed hundreds of gas stations. desperate drivers have been waiting in line for hours to fill up their tanks, sales are being restricted to cars with even numbered license plates on even days and odd numbered on odd days. new jersey was the first to embrace rationing last saturday. long island is also rationing gas. black friday so last year. how about black thursday? or whenever you want. sears is announced that customers can shop the store's door buster discounts starting november 18th. get out the calendar. five days before black friday. that will put sears first in line to offer black friday deals this year. wal-mart also announced this week it would get the discount shopping started just after thanksgiving dinner with doors opening at 8:00 p.m. november 22nd. it's not just start times that are competitive. retailers like target and toys "r" us and best buy have all
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unveiled price matching programs designed to bring the customers in early. you guys ready to do door busters? no. two weeks? >> no. >> the week and a half? i'm going to get my stuff done this month. if i say it out loud -- >> a lot of people are saying online shopping is going to be down this year. i don't really boy that to tell you the truth. >> it's interesting because u.p.s. is going to have one of the busiest years and that's probably due to online shopping. >> fedex is saying that too. i mean yeah. so all right jess good to see you. when we return, we have a mother who started a company to teach her daughter to be proud of herself embracing all shades of brown. >> up next, need the founder of pretty brown girl. -- meet the founder of pretty brown girl. she's in studio now.
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howard here with your weather first on this chill hi friday morning. all in all a pretty nice day ahead. sunny 55 at noon. winds northwest at 10 look for a high around 60 and then this weekend, looks like it will be even warmer. details just ahead. live look from our sky 9 where you can see there are no issues to report here at route 234, we'll go to the sky 9 shot inbound 66 from manassas to centreville. just going to find that normal slow stuff through that stretch and then it's okay as you head for fairfax and the beltway and i'll have more details on traffic coming up once again in a few minutes. back to you. thank you monika. right now we're celebrating all shades of brown. sheri crawley is an
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entrepreneur, author and most importantly she's a mom. she launched the company pretty brown girl to teach her daughter to be proud of herself and embrace all the shades of brown. and we welcome sheri. thank you for being here with us, came in from michigan. >> thank you. >> pleasure to have you here. the company pretty brown girl, it's a great idea. but why did you a successful woman, a mom, a role model for your daughter, need to come up with this concept? what was happening in her life that made you think this was important and had to be done? >> yes, i have two daughters. ages 6 and 7. and my oldest daughter was starting kindergarten. she was the only african- american in her class. we immediately started to see her self-esteem start to dwindle and that was very concerning for me at a mother. i'd also taken my daughters to a very popular doll store. they had a whole wall and they didn't pick the pretty brown girl doll. it was a hologram of girls and all -- whole group of girls and all the decisions were the same. that goes back to the doll test when given the choice. >> people may not remember that
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but that also talked about that separate but equal was not good. >> it was triggered in 1942 and really showed that when given a choice girls of color were not choosing the pretty brown doll as the pretty one or the smart one. i said wow that would be a great name for a doll. we didn't know it was going to turn into an entire movement. we started with leila the first ever pretty brown girl doll. >> you have the dolls in all shades of brown because we come in all shades of brown. >> yes, she is the first ever pretty brown girl doll. yes, we are so excited because it's become like a vocabulary word. not only about the product but about the conversation. and the platform for the discussion to take place around skin tone and self-esteem. >> and again, you say it's not just a movement but it became a business for you and look at all of the things you have besides the beautiful dolls. backpacks, and t-shirts. the tutus, everything. how has business been and what's been the reaction? >> yes, the reaction has been
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overwhelming. we're so excited. we get calls from moms and dads all the time thanking us because this wasn't present in the marketplace. something so simple. but yet it wasn't just present. when i wrote the book we started to see response and now implemented a curriculum that actually provides a formal platform. we have a national day now where we celebrate that is february 23rd. and we're so excited that families all around the country are really gathering around and this discussion. >> which really important is what we just learned in the election is that america is becoming so much more diverse. >> absolutely. >> that diversity is being celebrated but how much does pop culture have to do with daughters still picking the other dolls sometimes rather than the pretty brown dolls? >> i think that as a society we still have a lot of work to do. we're still seeing images that don't reflect women of color in the media, in mag seens, as princesses and everything like that. so it's important that we really address that early. so that it doesn't stem into
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issues when they get older. >> sheri crawley has addressed thattish, the line is -- that issue. the line is called pretty brown girls, the book. all of these things come. howard? i'm outside on the weather terrace on this chilly morning and you're probably not familiar with lazytown. it's a great kids show that started in iceland. now in 49, 50 countries? >> this is sportacus. >> that's right. >> well, tell me what it is. >> sportac us is a super energetic guy who -- he's a little bit above average. he goes like this. jumps like that. and all kinds of stuff and hangs out with the kids of lazytown and plays games -- >> you inspire kids to be healthy and active and strong and energetic. >> absolutely. >> you're in town because the heart walk is tomorrow morning. >> the american heart association has its walk tomorrow and i'm going to make sure that everybody is energetic and ready to go and that everybody have has a good
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time. >> he's going to start us off with the exercises tomorrow morning. you say a couple this morning out here too? >> how about that? let's start with -- >> got me. >> push-ups, remember when you called me yesterday? >> one leg up right? >> i'll go like this. arm like that. >> all right. well this gets beyond my capabilities now. but this guy -- look at this. the guy is incredible and you can meet him tomorrow morning, this is at nats park, walk at 9:30 and we're going to be down there at 8:00 and all sorts of vendors and food and fun. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> you know, this is -- he's from iceland and the temperatures in the upper 30s feel pretty good this horn. >> feels good. is it going to rain tomorrow? >> no, tomorrow looks fantastic, probably in the low 40s in the morning and low 60s. >> it's not going to rain apples tomorrow? >> if you haven't seen the apple thing we're just throwing them around all over. that's a pretty cool video. >> not going to have any rain. >> no, no, apples good food, exercise and keep yourself in
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great heart healthy shape. >> exactly. >> all right let's get a little weather right now, the bus stop forecast this morning for the kids who are lazytown fans and the ones who will become so, we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. and it's comfortable. i mean yeah it's a little bit brisk out there but winds are fairly light. sunrise at 6:46. for the day, lots of sunshine. we're going to see temperatures by noon 55 degrees. by 3:00 60. i got to learn how to do a back flip if i'm going to compete right? and 6:00 p.m. 55. going to the high school football games tonight, i think the weather is going to be really good for that. it's cold and reston at 32. sterling 38. gaithersburg 37. even fort belvoir to the south, at 36. we've got 37 now coming in physical crofton and i -- from crofton and i have to show you the unbelievable skies now on the michael & son weather camera. it is bc 9 day here on the 9th of the month. to do the breast self-exams and with the pink out there mother
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nature telling you that as well. humidity at 67%. the forecast, it's going to be a beautiful day. temperature today 60. 65 tomorrow and 72 on sunday. skins are off. but a what a great day to see the ravens. monday good before the showers on tuesday. mike? andrea or monika? we'll take number three. it's number three everybody. if you're planning to head around town, i'm happy to say that things look great. no issues to report as you head around the beltway and the northbound side of i-95. no issues from triangle into dumfries and woodbridge. how, how often do you see all this green until you get right here at the occoquan river? really not too bad. a live look outside and northbound i-95. this is pretty much at the exit for hereto the beltway or to continue north on 395 at the springfield interchange. otherwise known as the mixing bowl. for those of you who've been
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here for a while. back to the maps this time all the way up north. southbound 270 always going to have that bit of slow traffic leaving route 109 toward 121. but coming out of frederick you're okay. and then beyond 121 into jermantown okay as well. a live look from the sky 9 on the inbound side of i-66 that's a bit of a bear. manassas into centreville. with the lanes open. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:18 or further out. little further out. >> yeah. and we have another look at our question of the morning -- >> hmm. one of our facebook fans wrote ed violette. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. stick around.
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welcome back. 6:21. howard here with your weather first on this pretty but chilly friday morning and a great day ahead. and even better weekend. here's our day planner. and it is gorgeous outside now. clear skies behind the capitol dome. still a little pink on the horizon. 55 by noon and wind northwest at about 10 and by 3:00 high rite about 60 degrees. in our buddy check profile we met mercedes watson and she said being a cancer survivor can be transformative. another survivor maimah karmo has written a book about the experience, it's called "fearless." maimah is also president and ceo of the tiger lily foundation and welcome. fearless that says without fear but that's certainly not what you mean by the title. what does it mean? >> moving through life despite your fears. when i got breast cancer i was so terrified. its 32 years old and i i have a 3-year-old daughter who you met. and i was terrified. the whole time going through
6:23 am
treatment i was afraid of dying. what i learned was that no matter how afraid you are you have to move through your fears and overcome them and it's about the -- what you do with your time. and so i found through beginning tigers lily and just expanding many i life that i realized looking back now i wasn't really afraid at all. i was afraid of not making a difference in my lifetime. >> you have made a difference, you mentioned tiger lily and you're the ceo and founder, this is you going through that. one of the things the doctor told you is that you were too young to have breast cancer and that delayed your diagnosis. and tiger lily, you were there before, during and after for younger women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. why was that so important for you to make a difference for them? >> well, because for one i was misdiagnosed. the women under 40 tend to have more aggressive breast cancers and higher mortality rates. if you're delayed in diagnosis you tend to get diagnosed later with more aggressive breast cancer. stage 3 or 4. i couldn't wait the get better. now, and the goal is to impact
6:24 am
young women with message about you know being their own best advocates and knowing their bodies and educating doctors and physicians and the community as a whole and really giving these girls a place to go where they feel loved and cared for and get that support. you know we provide them with peer support, someone to hold their hand and help them and we pay for bills, treatment bills, mortgage, rent utilities, we send buddy bags. just to give them that loving you know, hand from here. from you have breast cancer until you're done and then after because you're done with treatment it doesn't end there. >> we have a few seconds, are you surprised at the support and encourage you received in our seven years? >> i'm floored. i feel honored. i say thank you to them for what they're doing. i promised god if i lived i'd give my life and service to him. we raised over $100,000 at the powerball and it's an amazing
6:25 am
to serve people through this whole situation. >> maimah karmo. young survivor. "fearless." that's the name of the book. it's in stores now and she'll have book signings, some other things. we'll have on our website for you to know ability. good to have you here. >> thank you andrea. thank you. the president is going to address the nation for the first time after being elected of course he'll be talking about the economy and that fiscal cliff. facing a tough core decision when we return, we have a full report from capitol hill on that cliff. monika? >> on the northbound side of 395 the brake lights begin at duke street and continue to seminary road and the pace improves to 14th street bridge and all lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning, we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at two of our favorite monuments and me morals, the jefferson and the washington. and you can see the traffic moving across the 14th street bridge. and thank you for starting your friday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck, and the round of applause continues for howard bernstein because wait until you hear what he has in store for the weekend. >> it's a little chilly out there but i'm warmed up from working out with sportacus a few minutes ago. temperatures down in the 30s and 40s now but 60s today and maybe 70 by sunday. great turn around from the
6:30 am
beginning of the week. here's a look at the day planner and here we're looking at tysons corner from our michael & son weather camera there where temperatures this morning in town are down to 39 under clear skies and we'll see sunshine all day. 55. until 4:59 when the sunsets so 5:00 we've got the nice player and 57 degrees. storm system off of massachusetts pulling away. so that's why we're seeing improving weather conditions and before you go i want to show you the temperatures that down to 30 in culpeper right now. warm spot 43 in annapolis. monika samtani, tgif. oh absolutely. tgif. although we have one incident i want to shell you about -- term you about on 95 in virginia. but here on the beltway north of town we are actually still looking really good leaving the 95 interchange from college park and into silver spring. no green -- no yellow yet leaving the college park area as you head into silver spring and bethesda. in fact let's go there live right now at new hampshire and as you can see traffic is
6:31 am
moving at a good pace. both loops of the beltway here. actually this is a good example of prince george's county as well. this time an accident on the northbound side of i-95 north of the occoquan river. the accident's in the left lane with some debris there as well. so be aware of that through the woodbridge area from the west you're okay on the dulles toll road out of sterling. 66. you've got a bit of slow traffic out of manassas into centreville but after that you're okay into fairfax and the beltway. and a live look one more time outside in virginia. northbound 395 still looks good here at the 14th street bridge. and i'll be back with more at 6:43. back to you guys. in about 29 minutes our friends at "cbs this morning" will start their day. >> gayle, what's going on? >> i know. i like that song. and andrea it's really about 28 minutes we'll be ready for you. hello you two. >> good morning. >> nice to see you guys. former secretary of state condoleeza rice will be here in studio 57. plus a special note to self --
6:32 am
what an iraq veteran would say to his younger self on the eve of war. we know what president lincoln looked like but i bet until now you may not have known what he sounded like. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. daniel day-lewis you guys is knockout in this movie "lincoln" that's coming out. >> mike is excited about seeing it on the first day. i'm going to let the clouds die down. >> it will be there, see you guys. >> 27 minutes. president barack obama is expected to urge congress to work with him to avoid the fiscal cliff. and plunge our economy back into a recession. >> the country's unemployment rate could be 9% within a year a they don't do something. ko im is live from capitol hill with more. sounds like a doomsday story ko. >> reporter: we hope not andrea and mike. the president today not expected to give specific debails but we're starting to
6:33 am
see the negative effects we could get if we start approaching this so-called fiscal cliff. nationwide, families could see a tax increase of $2,000 to $3,000. officials in virginia are starting to brace themselves already. republican governor bob mcdonnell sent a memo to department heads. the fairfax county school board last night passed a resolution urging congress to end the cliff. they're worried $6 million for 36,000 kids learning english could get lost. so we're talking about impacts that could be very severe and significant. we've already seen trouble for virginia's finances over the last four years. so more of this trickle-down effect? you could see shorter hours at the national zoo and you could have to wait longer if you're looking to get a passport renewed. so the message from the president to lawmakers here is that they have to work together to avoid the fiscal cliff. but the question is, whether the president today will take a hard line like democrats want
6:34 am
or start through compromise with republicans. a tough issue for a still very divided washington. back to you in the studio. >> thanks ko this morning. coward, that's what d.c. police are calling an 18-year- old who was arrested wednesday for robbing and hitting an 81- year-old woman inside her home in northwest d.c.. police say a masked robber broke in the rear window of a home on mckinley street and came across the owner and police say the robber smacked the woman before taking her computer. police arrested tyran mcelrath yesterday. the victim is now recovering after being checked out at hospital. the driver of a bus on the interstate that crashed in virginia last may was found guilty of killing four passengers. kim ewe chang faces up to 40 years in prison now after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter. he pleaded not guilty even though he admitted to police that he fell asleep while he was driving the sky express bus from greens bro to new york
6:35 am
city. he is scheduled for sentencing in january. important commuter alert this morning for people traveling through parts of montgomery county. monika has been warning you about this. you may have noticed lots of traffic along river road near falls road yesterday morning. that's because the bbc is filming a movie starring judi dench in a church in? area. look out for traffic once again and watch out for monika still trying to get into the movie. >> still time. it is 6:36 and we want to turn it over to jessica doyle for a unique your money report. >> yeah, that's right. it is cold outside of course a lot of us did some complaining because of the temperatures and we are staying warm. we are dressing warm. and these are some products that the folks from snuggie sent over to us. this is the new holiday line that howard and i are wearing. and we want to direct your attention to our feet. this is a any product. these are called hot booties. you pop them in the microwave.
6:36 am
for 40 hah seconds, what -- 45 seconds, what do you think ladies? >> this is so good. i have the coldest feet. >> they're not meant for walking. they have them inside the booties and they smell so nice and they stay warm for up to an hour. this is $14.99 for lounge you cannot for walking. i give these a thumbs up. we've got really cold foot. >> hot booties, where have you been all my life? >> two other options for you. there's a product line called heat tech that i've been wanting to try out. the company claims that it uses high-tech fabric that uses your body to generate heat. turtleneck for a woman or man is $19.90. you can see it there on the screen. it's from a japanese company and currently it's not taking online orders because of sandy but back to business pretty soon. this one though, for those with cold fingers and deep pockets, there's warm ax. this is a german company that uses silver threads woven into the fabric that's hooked top a battery pack. that -- up to a battery pack.
6:37 am
that creates a current that runs into the clothes and this is pricey. this is the woman's long sleeved silver sun shirt and type. the combo set. $1,025. >> not a typo. $1,025. or $15. >> the cuddling is cheaper okay? >> i like her legs too. >> like taking a nap in the snuggie. what do you think mike? >> i love howard's penguins. really cute. >> that's very masculine. very macho. >> it is me. >> it is him. more than you know. coming up on 6:38. when we come back howard is also involved in the heart walk this weekend. we're talking about heart and he's going to interview a -- health and she's going to inter- - he's going to interview a very successful team captain. we'll be right back.
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it's 6:41 and 39 degrees, monika here with timesaver traffic and i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
6:42 am
but right now, there is an accident first of all you've got that slow traffic northbound 95 traveling through woodbridge and then the accident's right up here in springfield. and i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live from the sky 9. it was a three vehicle accident. two vehicles and a police cruiser left now on the shoulder but delays building of course trying to get through that area northbound 95 this is right before route 644 in springfield with the lanes open. now let's go over to the inbound side of i-66. overall delays manassas into centreville. not too bad here. beyond that you will be good it's just a bit heavy as well route 50 to 123. we'll go back to the maps the time on the 270 on the southbound side. and it's better than normal. going about 31 miles an hour from route 109 toward 121 and again that's better than normal and let's take a live look outside one more time. this time we're taking a look here at the beltway at new hampshire avenue. still looking good into silver spring. i'll be back with a look at the big picture at 6:58. back to you guys. all right it is going to be a beautiful day in the nation's
6:43 am
capital. and as we've been saying every day since election day, we hope something good happens inside the people's house. >> in that building, 39 degrees right now but we can tack on maybe in the neighborhood of 30 more maybe a little less than that. but quite a bit warmer by sunday. it's going to be terrific. >> yeah, warm up both sides of the agent and get us feel -- argument and get us feeling good and doing something good. >> weather? a little compromise. >> come on guys come on, make nice. at least let's just talk. weather-wise a good day for and a great weekend ahead. temperatures will be pushing the 60-degree mark before all is said and done. here's the bus stop forecast. got to bundle up a little bit this morning, got the 30s and the 40s but the winds are fairly light. not too much of a windchill and the sunrise in a few minutes. it sets at 4:59 this afternoon. should be a nice one as we're going to see sunshine all day long. 55 by noon and winds northwest
6:44 am
at 10. we get to 60 by about 3:00 and still 59 at 4:00. by the time we hit the 8:00 hour still looking at 51- degrees and a fairly comfortable day today and even warmer over the weekend. this morning though look at the chill. we've got 30 in culpeper and 30 in orange. winchester is 32 while annapolis 43. and across the bay we've got 39 easton and 42 tame bridge. the michael & son weather camera here in tysons corner this morning. clear skies and a good looking friday morning. the temperature of 39 degrees. winds are north at 5 and our dew points they come up a little bit from yesterday at 29 giving us the humidity at 67%. temperatures are going to kind of do the seesaw thing. the temperatures get cold here. and look at the average down in texas and oklahoma. lots of 80s there and those temps will be moving to the east. you can see as we head into saturday, only going to be not even out of the single digits in great falls montana, single digits for them.
6:45 am
we'll be in the mid 60s. then by sunday get a little bit more of a push of that average to the east. and that cold also makes it into the dakotas and we will be potentially 70, 72 unsapped. i think again nearby -- on sunday. i think again near 70 on monday all thanks to the big storm now on the west coast. this storm is coming in and crashing the coast. rain mountain snows and blizzard warnings in montana. they can see 2 feet of snow up there. it's going to push all that warmth toward us. oh by the way, there's the nor'easter and there it goes. it's weakening and pulling away from the coast. so for us, we've seen the skies clear saw that yesterday afternoon. and with the lighter winds moving in, we're in for a great stretch of weather here. today about 60. it's going to be really comfortable this afternoon. i know it's a little chilly this morning. tonight we're back in the low 40s in town. with some 30s north and west. so if you're going out theth high school football games, 8:00 temperature is about 51- degrees and some 40s in the suburbs but the winds should be fairly light. tomorrow a couple of clouds are
6:46 am
possible especially north in the morning but i think a mostly sunny afternoon. 65. then on sunday upper 60s if not low 70s looking great there. next week still good monday. near 70 with a chance of some clouds late in the day. here comes a front on tuesday. so some showers then. and that will cool us down by wednesday as we dry out into the mid 50s around here. so looks pretty good for the heart walk tomorrow morning. and i'm telling that because i've been involved with the heart association's heart walk for years now and joining me this morning is eric sanjack, he's from the lockheed martin corporation and also one of the most successful team captains in the event. >> good morning howard. >> what's the secret of your success? >> i think for lockheed martin, wii proud to be a premiere sponsor for the american heart association and the greater heart walk. so this gives an opportunity for the lockheed martin and its employees to be involved in community events and with cardiovascular illness being
6:47 am
the number one killer it's easy to align the two where community relation activities and community involvement is something that's really important for the american people. >> a few weeks ago i was at the team captains' breakfast, it's a competition out there. a little cut throat. >> i don't know about that, but we certainly have some good healthy fun. >> healthy competitiveness, how's that? >> it's a good natured competitiveness. >> but it's so personal for you, for your captains for me. that we do this. and there's so many folks who are suffering with this. one of the things they're doing tomorrow is you guys have a lot of folks overseas and a lot of veterans in the lockheed martin family. you have a special thing at the tables tomorrow morning. >> a special event tomorrow. the american heart association as a great venue and we're really happy to be a part of that. lockheed martin is going to be next to the military services tent. as you know tomorrow is the marine corpses' birthday, sunday is veterans' day and at
6:48 am
the tent we will have postcards that people can sign that we will then send to service members who are deployed overseas. >> what do you do? >> come in and sign them and give some well wishes and we will mail them out and make sure they get them. >> a lot of things going on and all sorts of vendors out there tomorrow. you know if you want to come to the heart walk it's at nationals park. you can -- you can show up. we will have all sorts of things that are going on. not just the walk. we're going to help you -- we're going to feed you. very healthy if i thinks as well. -- things as well. and learn a lot. sportacus is going to be there. come out and ask eric for some fundraising tips. got 15 seconds, shoppers a great job fundraising as well. did you catch them? >> they've done a fantastic job and i think the community as washington, d.c. as a whole has done a good job. so -- whether we caught them or not i think at the end of the day the american heart association has raised some
6:49 am
great funds. >> congratulations to you and shoppers and everybody who's donated. there's still time. let's answer the question of the morning once again. the question was -- >> all right, this was the response that one left on our facebook fan page, she said -- yeah everybody, not 50%. that's the key remember? >> that's right. 35050% of you -- 50% of you lie to the doctor, that's the answer, jess? no lying here, we have some great deals for you in today's daily deals, here are some of any favorites for the friday. go see the washington wizards, you get a ticket and a t-shirt all for 48% off. you pay $27 and get one upper level end seat on november 17th. other seats are available for november 3rd and the 24th and you will find this dole on living social. get half off at joe's place
6:50 am
pizza and pasta. in arlington and vienna. you can pay $10 and get $20 worth of dine in food or you can pay $50 for $100 worth of catering. this deal is from groupon. one to keep the fingers warm when it gets cold outside. this is a two pack of waterproof ladies' ski gloves, you have the insulate lining in these. normally it's 60 dollars and you're paying 81% off. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. the news before you go is up next. you're watching 9news now.
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6:53 am
welcome back. 6:53. this friday morning. oh how we love fridays around here.
6:54 am
39 right now. not too windy at all. it's going to be a beautiful day with sunshine and 55 by noon. 5:00, clear skies, the sun will have set. we're 59. 57 your high today right about 60. andrea? here's some news before you go. in an east room address later today president obama is expected to urge congress to act to avoid the fiscal cliff that could plunge the economy back into a recession. the united airlines flight from denver landed safely in d.c. last night. a crew reported an emergency because a passenger started praying in the aisle. the plane was escorted by military jets after the crew declared an emergency. our time is 6:54. >> one final check of weather and traffic and why i'm wearing this jersey coming up.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
one more thing before we go. we're all suited up. >> it's friday. but it's a bye week for the skins. >> yeah, that's right but the ravens are playing this weekend. they're going to have gorgeous weather on sunday right? because i think that's -- >> 72. >> who are they playing? this is -- >> this is the ray rice jersey, go to and click on the game on section of the website. and you get a chance to win the ray rice jersey of course he's the rock star running back for the redskins. >> here we are. >> you know what's going to be great for -- like us -- you go to facebook and -- >> at 7:00. >> it starts over there. >> buddy check and traffic and like couch potato and whatever, just like us. >> weather-wise we like the weather. going to be nice today about 60 but even nicer over the weekend. the heart walk in the morning in case you missed that message that morning if that. that's nats park in the 40s to start but a nice afternoon 65. i'm forecasting 72 on sunday. by monday still warm and if you have a long weekend and can get
6:59 am
maybe the veterans' day -- it's going to be good for that. and then on tuesday, here comes a front with showers and then back to reality. wednesday, 55. monika? been a typical friday morning. if you're planning to head on the beltway north of town no issues at all. look at that that's how it should be every morning. on the beltway north of town. now we'll go to springfield on the northbound side of 95 and 395. that's just a slow exit. really no big deal. as you try to head up to edsall and duke street. we may finally be stabilizing on wall street a little bit after two down days that have taken the dow down over 400 points. >> fiscal cliff. >> finger crossed about today. >> "cbs this morning" is next with former secretary of state condoleeza rice. >> and howard ask i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> while you're at work today get updates on news, weather and traffic and all weekend long by visiting us at we'll see you monday at 4:25. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]

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